A Review on Herbal Phentermine

In the diet industry, what is expensive does not mean better. Take for example Herbal Phentermine. This weight loss pill is a non prescription pill that is said to make you lose weight and all the other hype that can be said about a diet pill. But, to cut to the chase, you are better off buying other products. To be fair, I will tell you about the good things about Herbal Phentermine.

Phen supplement for flat belly

The ingredients used for Herbal Phentermine are good, sound ingredients. Here are a few of the more active weight loss ingredients in this product: Read about best 2019 phen alternatives

Green tea has been known for many years as a good fat burner in the correct amounts. With green tea, you also get antioxidants that can help you prevent many forms of cancer.

Alpha lipoic acid is a very good ingredient as well. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps control the levels of blood sugar.

The R alpha lipoic acid is another ingredient of Herbal Phentermine. In studies on rats, it has been proven to increase metabolism, but it has not been proven on humans.

Lastly, the main ingredient is L-Carnitine. There is evidence that shows that it works, but mostly in high dosages, 500 mg, you do not get that much in this product.

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These are great ingredients and they seem to be a good combination of elements for a capsule, but for the price, it is not the best deal you will get. What I can say is that you can substitute this pill with ALA on its own and if you drink a cup of green tea everyday,  you will probably get the effect that you get here, or even better.

There is nothing stellar or exciting about this product that will make you want to spend the money for it. There are better options for diet pills and weight loss programs for you.